IGT EHS REP II in Federal District, Mexico


Responsible for implementing, controlling and maintaining the Occupational Health and Safety Management system, ensuring compliance with internal and legal requirements, carrying out planning, execution, follow-up and improvement of the process and result thereof.


  • Responsible for the Occupational Safety and Health Management System SG-SST.

  • Form, train, advise and monitor the Occupational Safety and Health Committee in the four offices of Mexico City

  • Coordinate Occupational Health and Safety Plans and Procedures with contractors.

  • Responsible for Emergency Plans and Evacuation Drills Program.

  • Supervise and follow up on Emergency Brigades.

  • Establish channels of communication with the STPS (Secretary of Labor and Social Security)

  • Evaluate occupational safety and health conditions and implement appropriate ergonomics, light, noise, etc. solutions.

  • Coordinate the Training and Occupational Health Program with STPS (Secretary of Labor and Social Security) at the national level.

  • Lead, Coordinate and Supervise Work Procedures and Preventive Campaigns.

  • Coordinate the Endowment and Renewal of Personal Protection Elements for the company.

  • Maintain up-to-date Management Indicators and Accident and Indemnity indexes.

  • Lead Accident Investigation Procedures and Corrective Measures.

  • To monitor compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health provisions contained in the Federal Regulations on Occupational Health and Safety and the Regulations

  • Develop specific programs, manuals and procedures, which guide the performance of work activities and processes under safe and emergency conditions

  • Attend internal and external audits on occupational safety and health

  • Report and monitor unsafe conditions for proper treatment

  • Establish and follow up on a specific maintenance program for luminaires and, where appropriate, emergency lighting systems

  • Inform workers about possible health alterations due to exposure to Ergonomic Risk Factors;

  • Train Occupationally Exposed Personnel on safe working practices, and

  • Keep records on preventive measures taken and medical examinations performed


  • Report the status of progress and achievements to Regional Manager.



  • Knowledge in Occupational Safety and Health System

  • Safety and industrial hygiene

  • Knowledge of the Federal Health and Safety Regulations at Work NOM-030-STPS -2006

Academic Requests

  • Professional in Occupational or Professional Health in related areas with specialization in Occupational Safety and Health


Minimum experience of 2 years in the Occupational Safety and Health Area as an Analyst, Professional and / or Coordinator, in companies with more than 180 employees.