Hella Corporate Center PROGRAM BUYER in San José Iturbide, Mexico


A Purchasing tasks

1 Minimizing total cost by integrating project purchasing into the development process (Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Design to Cost (DTC)) in good time.

2 Preparing confidentiality agreements, development contracts as well as letters of intent (LOI or Nomination Letter) with suppliers within the framework of contractual agreements in coordination with competent departments and superiors.

3 Accompanying the procurement process during product development, right from the quotation and concept phase through to start of production (SOP) (handing over to the series purchasers as well as ordering production planners).

4 Involving qualified suppliers in the simultaneous engineering process at an early stage.

5 Implementing target costing activities, setting up goals as well as attaining the target cost of the project-related total materials cost in collaboration with the project management and product cost management with due regard for the target dates and quality targets.

6 Disclosing savings potentials and alternative solutions.

7 Implementing sourcing strategies in the development projects.

8 Soliciting, analyzing and negotiating quotations for direct materials cost and special direct cost in the case of SOPs in coordination with the departments and superiors responsible.

9 Preparing and implementing the joint decision for suppliers (Sourcing Committee)

10 Placing first-time purchase orders and overseeing SOPs (ensuring production capacity at the supplier's)

11 Maintenance of master data

B Purchasing tasks, series purchasing

1 Following up and allowing for cost, total cost of ownership (TCO) as well as building-up and realizing agreed supplier management.

2 Supporting the ordering production planner for purchased parts as well as the quality assurance employees at escalation stage in coordination with the superior, if necessary.

3 Soliciting and analyzing quotations, preparing of, participating in and revising of contract negotiations in coordination with the superior.

4 Taking part in price negotiations in coordination with the superior and arranging appropriate prices

5 Awarding orders in coordination with the superior.

6 Confirming orders and processing incoming bills.

7 Determining alternative suppliers in coordination with the superior.

8 Maintaining master data.

9 Implementing quality management for the own area of responsibility in cooperation with the competent Q functions.

10 Observing the market situation as well as implementing an active and partly international procurement marketing.

C Contractual arrangements

1 Preparing contacts pertaining to the area of responsibility as well as preparing the General Conditions of Purchase

2 Drawing up delivery instructions for order processing

3 Preparing quality assurance agreements as well as ship-to-stock contracts

4 Preparing PPM (parts per million) target agreements on purchased parts quality in coordination with competent Q functions, if necessary.

5 Executing the credit memo procedure and drawing up confirmation of participation

6 Preparing general target agreements


School Education: Qualification for Technical College

Professional Experience: Industrial Business Management Assistant plus 2 years of acknowledged additional training Business Economist, state certified.

Language Skills: Advanced English

Additional Knowledge /Skills / Experience:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, knowledge of ebusiness

  • Module knowledge of materials management

  • Basic technical knowledge

  • Knowledge of contract law, project management

  • Knowledge of negotiation techniques, controlling

  • Methods and processes knowledge

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