Johnson Controls Analista de Operaciones IT Jr in Nuevo León, Mexico

  • RESPONSIBILITY LEVEL:* This position performs IT Field Operations Support (IT-FOS) function commensurate with the experience level consisting of the installation, change, repair, and disposal of hardware and software of PC’s. Also, this position trains toward performing the IT-FOS function including installs, changes, and disposal of servers and voice and data network communication hardware and software as directed by another IT group. Responsibility for IT Field Operations Support at one or more locations within the region’s large scale networked computing environment.IT Field Operations Support Analyst Jrtechnicians take guidance from IT Field Operations Support Analyst and Senior technicians as required.


  1. Carries out the IT-FOS function at assigned areas including installs, changes, disposal, and break fix of: a. All PC hardware, software, and related peripherals. b. All data collection and shop floor infrastructure. c. All telephony devices and systems. d. All printers. e. All fax machines. f. All network devices.

  2. Provides print management and distribution support at assigned areas as needed.

  3. Provides server console operations support at assigned areas as needed.

  4. Executes server back up processes at assigned areas.

  5. Promotes and monitors PC data back up executions at assigned areas.

  6. Supports the adding, changing, deleting and testing of PC imaged applications within the model office.

  7. Assists with any necessary wiring for network and phone services at assigned areas.

  8. Responds to emergency infrastructure outages as requested by business and IT site leadership and ensures all reporting obligations to local management and Global Infrastructure are fulfilled.

  9. Communicates proactively with on-site customers concerning their help desk requests.

  10. Communicates work completed and/or escalation to next level on unresolved issues through the help desk ticketing system and/or through voice, email, and text message services available.

  11. Follows IT escalation procedures for any planned and unplanned outages at a site.

  12. Demonstrates customer service attitude and work ethic.

  13. Provides feedback to supervisor on PC, Server, and/or Network installation and operations and on issues related to documentation and procedures.

  14. Orders repair parts as required.

  15. The following activities are considered to be an ongoing training activity for this level candidate: a. Recovers data from PC’s in the event of hard drive failures. b. Manages repair parts as required. c. Coordinates the vendor/user interactions for OSS functions delivered by vendors. d. Applies base network/telephone server patches and maintenance as directed. e. Troubleshoots, provides resolutions and identifies the local business impact on unresolved IT-FOS incidents concerning PC hardware and standard PC software. f. Provides small project planning activities required for PC and server infrastructure on site relocations and new site openings within assigned area. g. Develops an understanding of and forms relationships with the local business and IT staff within an assigned area that helps promote the IT-FOS function and better serves the customer.


This position requires a minimum of one of the following: 1. Associate’s degree in IT 2. Professional certification plus one (1) year of IT experience 3. Three (3) years IT experience

Proficiency in the working on and around different types of computer and electronic equipment is required. Computer keyboarding skills and proficiency in Microsoft Suite Applications (Word, Excel, Access, & PowerPoint), Internet Explorer and E-mail is required. Experience with call center tools is desirable. May be required to travel

Job: *Information Systems

Organization: *Corporate

Title: Analista de Operaciones IT Jr

Location: MX-Nuevo León-San Pedro Garza Garcia

Requisition ID: WD30038406263