IBM Service Availability Manager in MEXICO CITY, Mexico

The Availability Manager performs the day-to-day overall management of the process. This role ensures that all process activities are being performed and that they are staffed adequately. The Availability Manager plans, improves, monitors and reports the availability of IT services and IT infrastructure components in order to meet availability service level commitments.The Availability Manager’s responsibilities include:•Ensures that all IT services meet availability target levels•Provides requirements to ensure that new or modified IT services will meet availability targets•Ensures that new or modified IT services follow availability tests and plans after a major business change•Works to proactively enhance IT service availability•Produces and maintains an Availability Plan which prioritizes and plans IT availability improvements•Ensures that availability-related incidents and problems are addressed•Ensures the creation, maintenance, and use of an Availability Management Information System (AMIS)•Assesses the availability impact of new change requests•Participates on the Change Advisory Board (CAB) as needed•Is responsible for monitoring IT availability levels, comparing actual levels against targets, and addressing shortfalls•Works with other processes as needed, especially Security Management, Financial Management, and IT Service Continuity Management•Carries out the Process Manager responsibilities for Availability Management

4+ years of Great soft Skill4+ years of Communication Skills4+ years of Service/Project Management experience4+ years of English skills4+ years of Client Management skills

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