VMware Intern - Sales in Mexico City, Mexico

Job Description:

Job Description

•\t The program is temporary 12 months that depending on the results and budget can be extended for all or some of the participants for additional year;

•\t The participants will have a training program that need to complete during the 12 months, depending on our tools some certifications could be gained;

•\t During the program they will be able to participate in short assignments in different verticals as: Pre-sales Egineering and Channel. They will take responsibility for some actions, in conjunction with the local Vmware Mexico team. Latam leaders need to be aware of these activities;

•\t They can be assigned to specific activities or programs like the Presales Engineering Programs, Channels Enabling Programs, etc, in order to help us to improve/support it;

•\tIn the first months, the technical training will require a lot of time. This will reduce as the program advance and then the participants will need to be productive during their field engagements and add value to our partners and customer, as they will have a better knowledge of our products and solutions;

•\tIn addition in the first months, the knowledge of the Engineering and APO Programs will be necessary

Overall Job Activities

•\t Understand the program, have clarity of the activities to be develop and commit with it;

•\tPresent, in every month, a report with the activities executed to the manager;

•\tCommit with the calendar of activities to be delivered, as well with the time that needed to be respected;

•\tInvolve / escalate subjects to the manager and HR when needed;

•\tDefine a development plan with manager and mentor support and participate of the learning classes defined;

•\tTry to apply the skills developed in the university in the daily actions, as well the skills discussed in the trainings;

•\tBe open to share with the manager fears and concerns about the internship, the department, the company and the future. Trust that the manger embraced the internship program and has the best intentions. If this is not the case, talk to the HR team;

•\tOwn the relationship with the mentor: Consider his/her goals in having a mentor and define what he/she wants out of the relationship, e.g., a better understanding of the organization, career development guidance, skills development, etc;

•\tDrive the schedule and agenda for meetings with the mentor. Respect the mentor's time commitment by identifying, planning, and preparing issues for discussion;

•\tBe a receptive and active listener, understanding that constructive feedback is an essential element to continuous professional growth;

•\tPractice what you learn;

•\tBe realistic; you won’t achieve your goals overnight;

•\tBe committed to the company and your growth and development.


•\tWe’re looking for ambitious and responsible recent university graduates (or in the last semester) with impressive amounts of drive and a degree in (Ingenieria en Sistemas, Ingenieria en Desarrollo de Negocios y Sistemas y/o carreras afines);

•\tHe / she need to be capable of taking on challenging positions early in the career and show that they can adapt well to different work situations;

•\tProactive with plenty of initiative and people that can bring an impressive ability to connect with others within the company;

•\tAnalytical mindset, that can make a plan, take action and measure the results;

•\tCan dedicate full time to the program – 08 hours a day;

•\tProficient in Spanish and English;

•\tOffice Package Proficiency (Advanced Level Required);

•\tExceptional verbal and written communication skills, organized and proven attention to detail;

•\tPassion for competition and the ability to create great working relationships with all internal and external customers;

•\tStrong work ethic and sense of responsibility;

•\tInterest in develop a career in an IT company.

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Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico

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Intern - Sales

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MEX-Mexico City-Paseo de la Reforma

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