AT&T Customer Advocate, Credit & Collections in Mexico City, Mexico

Handles customer questions, complaints, and billing inquiries to resolve customer issues with one all resolution. Works with various groups for billing, message and trouble resolutions that directly impact the service(s) provided to customers. Serves as customer advocate for customers.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Customer Service:

  • Interacts with Customers demonstrating the highest degree of courtesy and professionalism to resolve issues, providing service/support in ONE interaction (aka First Contact Resolution).

  • Leverage various tools & technologies to provide support and effortless experience to customers (external and/or internal). Stays current on new and changing tools and technology both used and sold by AT&T.

  • Serves as a Trusted Advisor to provide support to customers (external or internal) on matters spanning products & services, billing, orders, complaints, an/or other customer requests. Serves as a customer advocate for international customers.

  • Apply customer relationship and/or sales techniques to recommend and/or sell a variety of AT&T products or services to meet customers' needs.

Core Processes:

  • Maintain/update customer records while simultaneously communicating with customers (by phone or in writing - e.g. chat/email) demonstrating the associated proficiency in typing and grammar.

  • Records data, notations and/or completes forms via on-line system while communicating with customers by Phone or in Writing (Chat/Email). Makes financial decisions to protect/collect revenues and adjusts customer accounts.

  • Gain and apply proficiency in AT&T practices and operations within AT&T Services; may involve mentoring/instructing others. Demonstrates continued and consistent proficiency in most of the skillsets utlised within the host call centre.

  • May assist management with scheduling and tracking of the workforce and vacation schedules in accordance with set Company guidelines and requirements.

  • May assist in training new employees.

  • May be required to work in one or multiple queues/skillsets over various customer contact channels.

  • Back-office clerical & data entry work.


  • Required to meet BU and Shared Service Center goals and objectives.

  • Contribute to a high-energy, dynamic, positively competitive environment.

  • Performs other duties as assigned by management.

  • Satisfactory performance and attendance.

Key Competencies and Skills:

  • English Proficiency, Read/Write/Speak (minimum Advanced Low competency)

  • PC Literacy - Proficiency with PC Operation and Data Entry

  • Customer Relations - Passion for identifying and resolving customer issues

  • Strong people skills – friendly, empathetic, good listener, team player

  • Strong communication skills - articulate, engaging

  • Dynamic - Positive energy and adaptable to different work, work schedule, and work environments.

  • Strong interest in technology and adaptability to learn about new products and services

  • Displays great interest and enthusiasm around AT&T products. Interest to learn about industry trends and changing business needs

  • Process Improvement

  • Ability to work flexible hours

  • Satisfactory background Screening

Education and Qualifications::

  • Bachelors degree

  • PC Literacy - Proficiency with MS Office Products

  • Experience in customer facing work - public contact work, complaint handling, sales, general service industries or collections work

Additional Information: Qualifications :

This SAR is for the 25% Over-hire of Customer Advocate, C&C for the Proximity Shared Service Center.

Approval chain for this SAR as follows:

Sue Williams (sw5651)

Brian Bachman (bb190r)

Ian Schmehl (is2147)

Joni Arison (ja2681)