Microsoft Corporation Content Manager- Aquisition in Mexico City, Mexico

Content Manager – Acquisition

Storefronts Global Operations - WDG

The Storefronts Global Organization (SGO) is looking for a smart, collaborative and highly analytic talent, to manage the user acquisition responsibilities around our digital content businesses in México such our Windows MSN Apps, and our MSN Site. Acquisition Manager should be responsible to create and implement our new users acquisition strategy, that include activities such as SEO, Social, O&O inventory, Newsletter, and Mobile.

The Storefront Global Organization (SGO) is the team within WDG in charge of programming different surfaces across Windows such as MSN websites, Edge DHP and NTP or the MSN Apps in 52 markets around the world. We deliver top quality content consumption and shopping experiences to all users, across the whole Microsoft ecosystem. We are partnering with the best Media companies around the world. We have the best engineers to develop these unique products and experiences.

Our mission is to "delight and empower people everywhere by delivering hi quality and relevant content and shopping experiences" The three pillars for what we do are: User Growth, User Engagement and Conversion.

Acquisition Manager is part of local SGO Team in México, and reports to the SGO Market Lead. He/she interacts on a daily basis with Editorial, Engagement, and Monetization teams, with whom analyzes audience business performance and implement tactics to maximize audience content consumption, revenue generation, and conversion.

Since content trends move into a ubiquity consumption, Acquisition Manager should be someone on top of cutting edge technologies, digital, mobile and social platforms. His/her creativity to help create products that always are part of content information user journey, is a key piece for his/her success.

Acquisition Manager should also be a highly collaborative talent, able to work within different Microsoft groups to look for opportunities of user acquisition inside Microsoft ecosystem; engineering teams to create fantastic product tools and features, marketing teams at Microsoft corp. and across the subsidiary, content partners, Ad Sales, and SGO Editorial, are some of the teams where the ideal candidate should find new user acquisition opportunities.

Responsibilities include:

-Achieve all acquisition goals (unique users, referrals, etc.)

-Both ecosystem (W10, Outlook logout, etc.) and own and operated (Social, newsletters, etc.) entry points

-Create, owns, and responsible for the SEO strategy in the market. Month by month tracking results, best practices sharing within local team, the region and our global community.

-Create, owns, and responsible for the Social strategy in the market. It includes editorial operation in partnership with editorial team on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Periscope, Snapchat, and other relevant social networks, but also product integrations, features, etc., mainly considering Facebook and Twitter audience opportunities.

-Responsible to create and implement Mobile Unique users acquisition strategy.

-Responsible for MSN Newsletters execution and KPIs performance tracking.

-Partner with SGO engineering teams and local Program Manager to maintain a constant product innovation strategy that delivers new tools, features and products oriented to acquire new users.

-Explore user acquisition initiatives with content partners, and with other Microsoft teams such as product managers, marketing managers, PR, and Microsoft social accounts owners.


-+5 years working for a digital area or company, preferable with experience on content or editorial companies.

-Technical understanding on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) like web sites creation, domain influence, editorial headlines, metadata, pictures, related content, canonical tags, index tags, and in general, all algorithm variables that impact SEO performance.

-Highly analytical, insights driven.

-Product management and development experience. Creative to innovate, optimize and constantly improve our MSN site, MSN Apps, Edge, and all our Microsoft actual and future content consumption landscapes.

-Social & Mobile platforms ecosystem knowledge mainly from a content consumption perspective.

-A growth mindset, with focus on driving unique users growth in partnership with SGO local, regional, and global teams.

-Results oriented.

-Passionate about digital trends.

-Highly collaborative.

Experience and Education:

-Bachelor's degree required.

-At least 5-7 years’ work experience. Build (engineering)