JPMorgan Chase CORP - IT Production Support - Intern - Mexico City in México, Mexico

Descripción del proyecto Production support applications Bank and Brokerage House.

Responsabilidades y actividades a desempeñar Reports serve end users type Level 1 and Level 2. Follow up reports and scale the Level 3 reports to the corresponding Aplication Delivery Managers. Diagnose, resolve and / or escalate issues reported by end users supported by monitoring tools and data analysis.

Habilidades y Competencias

Basic / media software development in programming languages and object-oriented structured knowledge. Basic knowledge of Unix / Linux and Windows platform. Knowledge of Office productivity suite.


Currently pursuing career: Computer or related systems. Currently studying semester: 4th Semester (preferable) Languages: Fluent English (spoken and written essential) Courses and certifications: NA software: Schedule (until 30H / week): 7:00 am to 1:00 pm / 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Otros Replacement or new position: Replacement

If replace school and currently intern career as: School of Engineering - Universidad La Salle.

Describe the activity with the highest level of complexity that will play the intern: - Production Support for applications Bank and Brokerage House. - Attention to user reports Level 1 and Level 2. - Scale and track users report Level 3. Incident recording and monitoring with AD Managers, infrastructure and the end user.

Job: *Technology


Title: CORP - IT Production Support - Intern - Mexico City

Location: MX-DIF-México-Torre Optima / 03574

Requisition ID: 160119951