Philips Lighting IT Applications Analyst in Juarez, Mexico

You will be a member of the regional LATAM Support team in Lighting IT. This team represents the IT services delivered to Lighting Businesses, Markets and Functions. It is accountable for operational reliability, and is responsible for maintaining and operating all local agreed IT services.

The overall goals of the Lighting IT team are:

  • Increase the performance of systems meeting the availability SLA target from 95% to 97% by 2019

  • Deliver our services end‐to‐end thereby removing silos (KPI’s), organize ourselves in a differentiated way (Industrial, Commercial, R&D), and offer business process aligned service levels

  • Redefine Service Operations to be cost‐efficient, focusing on realizing services on a cost-­‐optimal and efficient way, and deploy cot management throughout the organization.

The specific ones for IT Service Lead are:

  • IT Service performance against agreed service levels.

  • %changes/projects implemented without causing disruptions

  • Service costs within agreed cost levels

  • Business satisfaction as per agreed levels

  • Partner Engagement

  • Employee engagement (including low retention)