Avnet, Inc. Specialist, Quote Business - MEX - 5176 in JAL, Mexico

Job Summary:

Accountable, in conjunction with Sales and the Global Business Managers (GBMs), for quote responsibilities with their assigned Accounts, which will determine whether Avnet books or loses a piece of business, thus affecting the success or failure of Avnet business units. This position prepares quotes for the larger and more complex clients.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Under the guidance of the Global Business Manager (GBM) and Corporate Account Managers (CAM) have total ownership of quote from initial quote receipt to final quote completion.

  • Analysis of opportunities to make the best decision in how to strategically quote for purposes of positioning an Avnet win.

  • Prepare and communicate quote pricing history, trends, and summary at both pre and post quote stages.

  • Alone or working with the Product Specialist, utilize product knowledge of the manufacturers Avnet supplies to make a determination of which parts should be quoted when analyzing unidentified part numbers, also known as "scrubbing" customers parts.

  • Complete understanding of the customers quoting requirements and business needs, as well as meeting those requirements.

  • Competitive landscape understanding which results in good business decisions, not predicated on pre-determined processes, to position Avnet to be the most competitive.

  • Setting quote strategies based on knowledge of the competitive environment.

  • To facilitate the strategic planning process of quoting a large, complex quote, the incumbent schedules a conference call to review and ensure there is a consistent understanding of the customer's requirements amongst those involved in the sale, to strategize the business to be quoted, and define the next steps to create a sound business quote. There can be as many as 40 Avnet employees on this call including representatives from product, material, sales, quote, and possibly legal. After the conclusion of the call a summary is prepared of the decisions and next steps decided upon and distributed to the appropriate Avnet employees.

  • Auditing strategies when reviewing PBU (Product Business Unit) responses.

  • Quoting the customer and interfacing with them on any issue, especially competitive feedback for Avnet to respond to.

  • Collaborate with sales on final analysis of opportunities, based on hit ratio for the purpose of making strategic recommendations to the PBU's in areas of which they can better compete, thus increasing the overall hit ratio on future quotes.

  • Manage quote history data on SharePoint for top strategic customers.

  • Provide monthly Executive Summaries for the previous month's activities with analysis of quote activity, highlights, lowlights, and strategic recommendations.

  • On-going process engineering.

Job Level Specifications:

  • Personal computer skills must be at the intermediate to expert level.

  • Must be very detail oriented.

  • Intermediate Excel skill level.

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Ability to understand and apply the three key components of quoting, identified as pre-quote, quote, and post-quote.

Work Experience:

  • Three years of previous job-related experience.

Education and Certification(s):

  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • Some travel required.