Avnet, Inc. Specialist, Product Materials I - MEX - 5104 in JAL, Mexico

Job Summary:

Provides support to the material and product groups by assisting in resolving various financial and inventory issues. Focused on planning and maintaining product supply to the sales organization in support of their strategies and financial requirements. Plans and maintains product, cost, supply and inventory levels in support of the business group strategies and financial requirements. Engages in the coordination of business opportunities that will develop, grow and leverage the influential supplier relationships, resulting in profitable results in the quote and pricing support of the sales organization. Such activities may include the following as well as other duties as assigned:

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Manages the inventory product lifecycle including but not limited to planning, purchasing, handling, control, storage, packaging and delivery, profile and product mix, stock rotation and aging of materials.

  • Involved with inventory turns, supplier on time delivery, cost reduction, part master accuracy and supplier management.

  • Provides support for the material and product groups. Interprets, analyzes, organizes and formats data for dissemination to material and sales personnel.

  • Utilizes supplier relationships and market knowledge, to negotiate competitive pricing and availability, to increase sales and gross profit dollars for the branch or region.

  • Provides liaison services between sales and program management for order status, and problem resolution and cost effective alternatives.

  • Monitors daily quote, order activity for assigned suppliers to ensure closure of business requirements. Provides accurate and timely quotations of part, price and availability to sales team for customer opportunities.

  • Negotiates with suppliers and participates in pricing decisions that contribute to revenue and profitability goals.

  • Assists in the coordination of product training sessions, manages the product literature distribution and promotes the product line with in the branch/region.

  • Viewed by Avnet and the supplier as the primary interface for our business relationship which includes budgeting, stocking packages, pricing and the overall profitability of the relationship for certain/assigned suppliers.

Job Level Specifications:

  • Foundational knowledge of specialized job functions, industry practices and standards acquired via academic instruction and/or relevant work experience of substantially the same level.

  • Develops solutions to defined tasks, typical problems and projects appropriate in scope and complexity. May be solved by the application of specialized foundational knowledge and existing approaches and solutions to a variety of related situations.

  • Work is usually performed independently and requires the exercise of judgment and discretion. Receives initial direction and work may be reviewed for accuracy and quality.

  • Interacts mostly with immediate management and other professionals within the department or function.

  • Actions typically affect own work assignments and department but erroneous decisions or failure to accomplish work may require some assistance or resources from within the department to remedy.

Work Experience:

  • Typically less than 2 years with bachelor's or equivalent

Education and Certification(s):

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience