Hella Corporate Center PLASTICS PROCESS ENGINEER in Irapuato, Mexico


  • Professional support for special manufacturing processes over the whole Time to Market process (from preliminary development through series development to supporting series problems after SOP)
  • Involvement in the continual observance, analysis and evaluation of the status of technology on the market
  • Defining, planning, coordinating, steering and processing basic developments for the new and further development of production materials and methods; analyzing and interpreting the results, involvement in the derivation, agreement and transfer of methods suitable for series products to production
  • The involvement of external institutes, colleges of higher education, service providers and suppliers in individual cases, taking into account specialist and economical points of view
  • Procurement of laboratory equipment in agreement with the superior and repairing existing laboratory equipment
  • Agreement of external requirement specifications / standards / plant standards with the customer, taking into account specialist points of view; internal release or blocking of materials / processes for customer-specific applications.
  • Processing, updating and communicating requirements and standards for production and product development

  • Introducing remedial measures for complex production problems with regard to the process technology being supported

  • Involvement in complaints processing, planning, coordinating and carrying out investigations to clarify the technical background of damage cases; deriving suitable change or remedy measures in cooperation with internal and external positions involved

  • Evaluating material release applications and machine/line concepts, as well as carrying out line acceptance tests

  • Familiarizing and instructing internal and external positions in material and process techniques, training specialists

  • Preparing specifications for component design in line with production requirements; advising and supporting Series Development in the integration of new production technologies

  • Ongoing communication with production facilities with regard to further development requirements



Professional support for process technology

New and advanced development of production engineering and respective materials for series production, as well as increasing the reliability and economic efficiency of the technical production process

Advising Product Development (PEP), with regard to product design in line with production requirements for standard processes and/or product-specific adaptation development of production materials and methods.

Experience: 3 to 5 years experience in engineering plastics.


  • Injection molding release.
  • Plastic resins and drying process
  • Release injection process

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