Avery Dennison Europe Representante de Ventas Jr in El Salto, Mexico

Job Title: Representante de Ventas Jr

Function: Sales

Business Unit: Materials Group Latin America

Avery Dennison Region: LA - Latin America and Mexico MG

Country: Mexico

City: El Salto

Key Job Responsibilities:  Entry level.

 Either early in their sales career or assigned to smaller or less complex territories and accounts.

 Limited knowledge; has limited to no prior work experience.

 Learning how to negotiate, develop contracts, techniques of relationship and customer confidence building.

 Learning to develop short and long-range sales plans and prepare sales strategy.

 Works under direct supervision.

 Low to moderate levels of authority. Limited authority for negotiations; has some latitude for un-reviewed action or decision.

 Relies on manager for planning and resource management.

 Builds knowledge of the company, products, processes and customers.

 Solves a range of straightforward problems; analyzes possible solutions using standard procedures.

Position Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree preferred.

 0 - 3 years sales or related experience a plus.

 Possesses consultation and relationship building skills.

 Passionate about the “hunt” for new opportunities.

 Demonstrates the initiative to uncover sales opportunities; actively attracts the interest of potential customers; networks to

increase contacts; stays on top of market conditions to uncover new leads; consistently follows up with leads to assess their

interest in the product/service offering. Must be proactive.

 Able to excite customers’ with an enthusiastic presentation style and able to hold the customers’ attention and interest.

 Good financial skills and business acumen.

 Ability to work independently.

 Solid communication and presentation skills and able to communicate effectively with all levels of management.

 Good understanding of how to prepare professional written proposals.

 Good understanding of product and technical information.

 Skilled in calculating figures and amounts such as discounts, invoice totals, percentages, etc.

 Excellent customer service skills.

 Understanding of applicable computer systems, such as Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, and

Physical Work Location: Jalisco