CooperStandard Quality Engineer in Coahuila, Mexico

Responsible of supplier base management for CSA Torreon. Review component PPAPs according to current CSA PPAP Checklist, reject or approve PPAPs and sign on PSAWs. Follow up on quality with suppliers by using the CSA supplier guidebook and DMN system, review corrective actions for DMNs clousure. Update SPRS system to qualify suppliers on monthly basis. Take care of inventory levels in quarantine area, work with suppliers to obtain return or scrap authorizations for suspect or non –conforming material.

Required education and experience

  1. Bachelor degree finished.

  2. Fluent English.

  3. Experience in automotive companies.

Required skills and abilities

  1. Proactive.

  2. Hability to work as a team member

  3. Strong leadership capabilities

Required decision making and organization impact

  1. Decisions made will generally have significant impact on system availability and should be reviewed with supervision before action is taken.

  2. May at times, due to the nature of the duties performed, come in contact with confidential information. Is responsible for guarding against the disclosure of such information to unauthorized personnel.

  3. Must be able to communicate with all levels of the company personnel as well as Cooper Standard Automotive customers and vendors and must always reflect a courteous and professional attitude.

Work conditions

  1. Time is split between a general office and operations environments.

Job: *Quality Assurance

Organization: *Torreon 2 - Sanamex

Title: Quality Engineer

Location: Mexico-Coahuila-Torreon

Requisition ID: P71981