Xerox Workforce Mgmt Specialist (WFM Intraday Management/Traffic) in Chihuahua, Mexico

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• Responsible for the effective usage of client resources. Provides operational support through efficient scheduling and workforce deployment. Monitors queues, forecast & schedule staffing, plan seating capacity for shifts on daily basis & dialer planning. Tracks and reports on operational performance & business metrics.

• WFM Traffic and LWF Analyst are part of WFM Intraday Management. WFM Traffic and WFM Scheduler are part of WFM Shared Production. LWF Analyst is part of WFM Program Management.

• WFM Traffic

• Ensuring that quantitative project KPI’s, such as service level and productivity on an intraweek and intraday level are integrally realized as efficiently as possible (optimizing of occupancy)

• WFM Scheduler

• Responsible for requirement calculation and calculation of seats (work places) of assigned projects/Client Teams

• Responsible for personnel staffing(schedules) of assigned projects/Client Teams in such a way that pre-defined goals are met (eq optimal occupancy and project agreements are achieved)

• Responsible for the administration of new and existing agents in the WFM tools

• Local Workforce Analyst

• Being the local representation of and point of contact between WFM and the operation and take care of the decentralized WFM Intra-day Management tasks.

• The main goal is to take action to support and assure the realization of project and department goals regarding the performance of the operation.



• The job holder performs various activities in close consultation and collaboration with other members of the WFM Intraday Management team, mainly with WFM Traffic and Local Workforce Analysts (LWF).

• There is also frequent contact with WFM Business Partner and the WFM Intraday Management Team.

• Outside the WFM department the job holder collaborates and has frequent contact with operational management, team leaders and Customer Service Representatives.

• The job holder works commissioned and under responsibility of a WFM Business Partner.


• Senior level job with considerable work experience

• Has developed specialized skills or is multi-skilled through job-related training

• Completes a variety of atypical assignments

• May solve problems of a recurring nature, but takes a broad perspective to problems and may identify new, less obvious solutions

• Completes work with a limited degree of supervision

• Acts as an informal resource for colleagues with less experience

• May lead a team in the performance of a variety of tasks that are generally routine

• May have specialized external certification (technical roles)

Primary Responsibilities:

• WFM Traffic

• KPI Management.

• Periodical intraday monitoring of realization versus forecast calls, Average Handle Time, shrinkage and coverage and other relevant planning parameters

• Periodical intraday and intraweek monitoring of corrective measures in such a way that quantitative project KPI’s are achieved at day and/or week levels, or advise these measures to Operations Management.

• Intraday re-forecast of planning parameters

• Intraday and intraweek rescheduling of agent schedules; intraday adaptation of agent schedules

• Record relevant events and incidents

• Traffic Management:

• Supervise the qualitative (skills and skill levels, project KPI’s) and quantitative (schedule, productivity) aspect of the carrying out of duties, evaluate call volumes, acceptance percentages, service levels, occupancy with the planning tool and Supervisor tools

• Clearly define follow-up actions OR advise with regards to the observed deviations;

• Compile overview with regards to attendance registration, log in time, exact time spent on the phone, productivity and others concerning project relevant indicators;

• Consult Team Leader(s) and Delivery Manager(s) about the course of business, problems and any particulars.

• Report intraday realization WFM parameters

• Give advice for efficiency improvement to Client Team and WFM Planner/Business Partner

• WFM Scheduler

• Planning

• To draw up and keep current a production planning (requirement) for the assigned projects in consultation with WFM consultant. To staff the projects according to the created requirement and staff any agreed on non-production, in such a way that an optimal occupancy/utilization can be realized for the site/project:

• Collect, collate and review data with regard to expected production on the short and mid-term, in accordance of input from the WFM consultant.

• Adjust the production planning on the base of experience data and additional information from the WFM Consultant and/or his capacity planning.

• Scheduling

• Responsible for the personnel staffing of the assigned projects, in such a way that preset targets are met or approached as best as possible:

• Make, review and if necessary adjust the automatically(system) generated personnel planning, signal abnormalities, faults and shortcomings.

• Adjustment of the production planning with given leave, sickness, training, other activities etc

• Approve/reject leave requests, availability scheme, shift trades, etc.

• Publication of the schedules to the Customer Service Representatives and other stakeholders

• Signal and report possible bottlenecks/issues to the WFM consultant.

• Update and spread relevant reports.

• Update planning documents with regard to the projects, skills, availability and (if applicable) other arrangements with the Customer Service Representatives and temporary employees.

• Customer Service Representative Administration

• Responsible for keeping the project up to date regarding the base administration of new and existing agents.

• Including (among other things):

• Adding new agents to projects following the defined processes

• Adjustment of skills/availability/wish hours/group definitions etc. when so desired by WFM consultant or Client Team.

• Local Workforce Analyst

• Point of contact for Customer Service Representative/Customer Sales Representative (CSRs) regarding WFM issues

• Communication of changes, for example regarding approach, strategy and schedules, together with the centralized WFM Real Time Adherence (RTA) and Scheduling team

• Sharing knowledge of local WFM related regulations and developments with centralized WFM Real Time Analyst (RTA) and Scheduling team

• Making notifications when system issues arise, take local coordination & actions directed by centralized WFM Real Time Analyst team, and participate at Global Network Operations Control (GNOC)/IT Bridge (WFM General Outage Standard Operation Procedure)

• Operationalize and communicate WFM Real Time Analyst (Service Level Management) strategy and strategic changes regarding capacity allocation and schedule adjustments

• Communication and monitoring regarding efficiency metrics, i.e. Schedule Adherence, Handle Time and Occupancy

• Performs all other duties as assigned

• Point of contact for team leader and Client Service Representatives regarding Questions & Answers

• WFM Scheduler:

• Calculate requirement per interval based on Forecast and parameters provided by WFM Planner.

• Create Agent Schedules based on requirement and agent availability considering agent preferences and project KPI's

• Agent Administration: adding and maintaining agent personal data in WFM tool, including skills.

• LWF Analyst

• Execute decision WFM Intraday Management for site

• Communicate and coordinate WFM actions for site

• Support WFM Business Partner and WFM Intraday Management

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Job: Workforce Administration

Organization: Customer Care-X000000144

Title: Workforce Mgmt Specialist (WFM Intraday Management/Traffic)

Location: MX-Chihuahua-Ciudad Juarez

Requisition ID: 16019134

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