Honeywell Aeronautical Aerospace or Mechanical Intern in Chihuahua, Mexico

Position Responsibilities:

• Work in an assigned project. • Elaborate a formal presentation of this results that will be evaluated when finished. • Assist during Intern Lectures once a week.

Basic Candidate Qualifications: • Bachelors in Aeronautical, Aerospace or Mechanical Eng
• Advanced written and Spoken English Skills. • Full- time student in an undergraduate Bachelor's Degree


University Relations (UR) is a critical global program focused on attracting, acquiring, and driving the development and retention of early career talent around the globe. Early career talent is a key component of Honeywell's overall hiring strategy. If we hire the right candidates early, it builds a long-term talent pipeline for our organization. Key Elements of a University Relations Strategy


What is a University Relations Hire?

*Any individual who is hired/re-hired by Honeywell as a "full-time" employee whose effective start date is within 12 months after graduating with a Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD *All hires with an employee class of Intern/Coop/Apprentice/Trainee as captured in PeopleSoft *All hires with an original employee class of Intern/Coop/Apprentice/Trainee that are converted to a fulltime hire *Taleo Requisition must be labeled "UR hire" in system at time of Offer Accept

UR Demand Approval Process

The Staffing Center of Excellence initiates the University Relations Demand process annually to collect requests from the businesses that includes interns, co-ops, apprentices, and trainees. Consolidated Intern, Coop, Apprentice and Trainee demand is reviewed (developed market / high growth regions) and gets final approval from Dave Cote with an expected 70% conversion goal. Accurate forcasting enables effective planning & execution Global UR Success Metrics UR Rule of 70

  • 70% of interns are eligible to convert
  • 70% of eligible interns are converted to fulltime
  • 70% of UR fulltime hires were interns
  • 70% of all UR hires from Partner Schools


*UR Job Descriptions - We have a UR job description library with examples from each business. Please remember to select University Relations requisition when creating the new requisition in HR Direct. *Campus Recruiting and Events - As part of Honeywell's UR strategy, we focus on building relationships at target universities we call Partner Schools. Please click here to view a list of our current Partner Schools. Click here to see what upcoming events and activities are scheduled at all our partner schools

Campus Team Recruiting

As a representative for Honeywell on campus, you have a responsibility to help grow awareness of Honeywell's brand and our product portfolio, and to share with students the reasons why Honeywell is a great place to work. *Campus Team Training Deck *Campus Interview Guide

University Relations Branding on Campus

Maintaining the integrity of the Honeywell brand is important. Whether you are participating in a formal UR recruiting event, are an alumnus visiting a campus, or are hosting a virtual presentation for students, we make tools available to assist with your efforts.

*Global Campus Presentation *Staffing Brochure *Who and Where We Hire Matrix *Honeywell Videos **Guide to Embedding Videos in Job Postings

Global Intern Program

Intern/co-op hires are a strategic part of Honeywell's talent management practices. Leveraging them enables the business to build a pipeline of talent, assess potential fit and performance for conversion to full-time, and complete meaningful work for our customers. The intern program also provides opportunities to increase diversity in the workforce and strengthens relationships with partner schools.

Job: *Engineering

Title: Aeronautical Aerospace or Mechanical Intern

Location: MEX-CHIH-Chihuahua

Requisition ID: 00329400