OSRAM SYLVANIA Sr SQM Engineer in Apodaca, Mexico

We are looking for: “ Sr SQM Engineer”

Job Purpose: He is responsible, along with his working group, of the Quality Strategy with suppliers, the Management of Quality Costs related to them (preventive, inspection, internal and external failures), and Evaluation, Feedback and Data Compilation From the point of view of quality in your commodity.


  • Execute SQM processes within its Commodities, having as its main task the preventive approach and the release of suppliers and their technologies, through the design and implementation of processes, methods, systems and tools, achieving the supply of materials / product in The appropriate levels of quality.

  • Responsible for organizing work groups for supplier development programs (single-sided to supplier). In addition, it synchronizes SQM strategies in conjunction with the Development, Supply, Logistics and Manufacturing groups, and consolidates data to be used in the overall procurement strategy.

  • Responsible for monitoring the performance and improvement activities of the suppliers agreed during an audit, visit or analysis of failures, showing reports of quality risks, opportunities and quality rejections if a critical point is detected.

  • Audits based on the VDA 6.3 standard.

  • Responsible for monitoring the components of their Commodities during their useful life, managing their changes (PCN's) and / or discontinuation (PTN's).

  • 15-20% of your estimated travel time during the year, typically out of the country.

    If you have the profile, please send you CV at the email indicated.


    · Specialist in Quality with knowledge of standards (ISO, ISO-TS, etc.) and Experience in handling suppliers in different business models (ODM, EMS, etc.)

    · Basic knowledge of semiconductors, their manufacturing processes and the controls that manufacturers must have; This in order to verify the quality of the supplier in general.

  • General Knowledge of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's) , covering its manufacturing process and key parameters of the materials used for its construction.

  • Knowledge of standards related to both types of components (IPC, UL, IEC, JEDEC, NEMA, etc.).

  • Good English

  • 3 to 5 years of experiencia in position similar.

Title: Sr SQM Engineer

Location: MX-NLE-Apodaca

Requisition ID: 10003265